Flugplatz Ried-Kirchheim

Landing information - LOLK

Coordinates48 12 45 N 013 20 42 E
Elevation1378 ft (420 m)
Radio frequencyKirchheim Aerodrome: 122,65 (ge, en)
Runway12 (116°) / 30 (296°)
Dimensions743 x 18 m
Tonnage5.700 kg
Admissible forengine powered planes, gilder, helicopter

Approach and departure

  • Contact KIRCHHEIM  AIRODROME at least 5 minutes before reaching the place. In aerodrome traffic listening watch needs to be maintained.
  • If available, indicate GPS distance to ARP when reporting position (e.g. OECEM, final approach runway 30, 1.5 miles)
  • NORDO ACFT: approach from North East
  • Look out for training flights and gliders
  • The traffic circuit is south-west of the runway.
  • In traffic circuit a flight level of 2500 ft MSL needs to be maintained
  • Flying across the surrounding villages is to be avoided
  • When approaching from the north, look out for traffic in the north-east circuit (traffic pattern for gliders)

* Approach chart reproduced with permission of Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE © Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. 2013

Opening hours

March - October

Mon - Sat: 10.00am - SS
Sun & Holidays: 09.00am - SS

November - February

Aktuelle Infos zum Bereitschaftsdienst sind, wenn verfügbar, unter "Infos zum Tag" auf der Startseite zu finden.


Nach Absprache mit dem
Betriebsleiter, jedenfalls
nicht nach 20:00 Uhr LT.

Approach chart


Contact tower

Tel: +43 (7755) 64 14
Fax: +43 (7755) 64 14 4

Contact flight operations officer

Josef Maringer
+43 (650) 4204679